Thursday, December 30, 2010

Facebook Status turned Blog Post

I had this great idea while writing to my dear friend Becky about how I never really update this blog, which is too bad because I had intended to keep it going to remind me of all the fun stuff Else is doing and my feelings about those things, plus some other random crap. Well, I tend to use Facebook a whole lot (some would say, too much) and that is where all my updating seems to happen.  Lucky for you and me, they came out with this app called "Status Statistics" so I thought I would go through all my Else statuses from 2010 and put them on a blog post, to keep them all organized. I thought it would be fun to read them all back to back and reminisce on the year past. Starting in:

January at the Bank, trying to look happy that someone is taking my pregnant picture.

- is excited to see the midwife tomorrow because maybe she can get a refferal for massage therapy... thanks TD health plan!
- put the crib and shelf together and the dressers all done, now the waiting begins (there will be many months of waiting)
- is going to a prenatal class tomorrow. Should be a hippy good time.
- learned how to attach a baby to her boob today. Now she will practise with the cats
- further to my previous post about icing not working, I would just like to say that eating an entire cake in 2 days is not a smart thing to do. And it's not because i'm pregnant... it's because I can.
- can't wait for 2 months cause that's when she can stop going to work and everybody'll be OK with that!

Valentines Day, a day I was feeling particularly cow-ish

- one shot in the ass down, one more to go! woooo hooooo!!! Damned negative bloodtype....
- it's hard to get off a couch when you're knocked up.
- midwife appt cancelled... stupid other people having babies... sheesh!
- will be stroller shopping today instead.
- well, there goes a puke-free pregnancy... eff. And just ONE DAY after gloating about never doing it. DOUBLE EFF.
- oh Red Lobster, why hast thou forsaken me???
- can't.... stop.... itching!
- the fun is over. Hopefully I dont REALLY have PUPPPS cause that will SUCK. Fuck. Maybe its just a temporary thing...
- diagnosis confirmed: Obstetric cholestasis. AWESOME *itch itch*

OK so I don't actually have any pictures from March but this is from the day we went into the hospital. Close enough.

- 7 more days of work... go ahead.. count em. 7. yeessssssssss Also thank god for awesome midwives.
- trip to the diaper store = one 10 week trial of cloth diaper service!
- had her bump blessed by an old catholic lady... does that mean that I have to get it baptised now? Crap.
- St Patricks day and I can't even have a damned beer.... New Years was OK but this?? This.. this is something else!
- ripped out the vanity and cabinet in the bathroom tonight.. good riddance to ugly 80's rubbish!! Now to get a new 50's vanity.. the hunt is on!! Habitat Restore here I come!
- One more week til Baby Time! Got my first delivery of cloth diapers today... they are so small.... this is starting to freak me out!!

Happy day of birth!

- you don't know how many mothers you have until you are going to be one yourself
- bought the biggest ham known to man today to cook for 5 sorry people. In other news, her ankles are swollen so much they resemble said ham. Beautiful.
- "a breast with a baby on it is one less breast that can be used to sell men beer." Amen.
- this whole "waiting" thing really SUCKS. Eff you, Monfort
- we're home now Yeay!! Welcome Else Marie Austen, born on Saturday at 8 lbs 6 oz
- is totally in love
- being the milk machine brings lots of responsibilities and not alot of sleep to go with them :)
- bought Else a pair of leopard print pants. Rock on little baby... rock on.

- happy 3 week birthiversary Else!
- Else is now a proud owner of a Cuddle wrap.. now mom has her two hands back!! Yeay! guess i have no excuse for dishes...
- happy one month birthaversary Else! Mommy will celebrate for you :)
- crap... Else is 9 lbs 14 oz... she is going to be a big girl!
- "Waking up when you got a baby, you feel like you drank a bottle of whiskey the night before, except the shit's in someone else's pants." - shit my dad says
- just bought her nipples some freedom. THANK YOU AVENT. I swore i'd never do it but hey... i can take it back.
- baby shower today! Can't wait to see everybody!

- Else weighs a nice 11lbs 7 oz at 7.5 weeks and is 24.5 inches long! She will enjoy the middle of the back row in school pictures forever.
- Else got mobbed. By twenty old biddies at the church garage sale. It was the funniest thing I've seen since yesterday.
- went to the bank today, now Else can save up for college! No OSAP for this baby!! In other news, the rose is blooming and it's beautiful.
- Else got her first shots today and REALLY DIDN'T LIKE IT. At all. Poor baby.
- happy two month birthaversary, Else! It seems like forever ago....
- Else just smiled so hard she gagged herself and threw up. Such a cute moment.

cute little baby in a cute vintage romper! Dang July was hot.

- Else was totally mesmerized by the fireworks. I think she has gone into over-stimulation mode cause i can't get her to sleep and she keeps telling me stories about how big they were. What a human thing to do: throw shit into the air and blow it up.
- Else's first concert: Moody Blues and B-52's. Rock Lobster live was amazing. Else just slept through it all.
- it is official: Else is not a Rush fan.
- I love my baby... sleeping for 9 hours! Awesssooooome. Now having a nap... sweet. She likes to sleep like her mommy!
- what movie was Else's first movie?? 3D Sharks at the IMAX of course! Too bad they don't have 3D baby glasses.... ha ha ha Thanks for the good times, Steph and Scott!
- teething = awesome

Loving the Jolly Jumper in the nice cool basement

- baby's got some thrush, isn't that exciting. Now we get some drugs to rub on nips and gums.
- Happy 4 month birthaversary (yesterday) Else! She rolled all the way over for the first time to celebrate!
- Else got sick of chewing on her fingers so now she's moved on to her toes.

New toys are always a good time. Most of her hair was gone come September

- up all night with the baby. I hate growth spurts. Else's going to try some pablum and we'll see if this waking up thing stops... hopefully....
- Else's second round of shots went way smoother, and there was way less crying for both of us.
- thinks there are teeth in her near future

crying on the floor, Else the Owl expresses her outrage with having to wear a ridiculous hat and feathery wings.

- looking for a babysitter for saturday night! sweeet. Alright, who wants it? :)
- happy 6 month birthaversary, Else. It's like you've been here for forever but you're still so little!
- Else and I had a sweet 3.5 hour nap today. I am so happy i got to have that. Also cuddling for 3 hours is lovely :)
- has made Else the cutest hat in the history of cute hats. But you will all have to wait til Halloween to see it (if you know what I am dressing her up as, please don;t tell, it's a surprise!)
- not to brag, but my kid is pretty smart! she's calling the kitties over by hitting her hand on the ground just like I do... weird.
- the first tooth has left the gum! Go toof go!
- sooooo tired.. up all night.... baby wouldn't sleep..... playtime's at 3 am now I guess. Awesome.

November marked the full-out appearance of Else's first tooth and the reappearance of her hair!

- only one wake-up last night and slept til 9... I think we're coming back to normal (after only what... 2 months!)
- back from first mommy meet up, it was fun! Else made some new boy friends.
- always thought it was hilarious when ppl dressed up their pets to look like a different animal, and now can appreciate the same on baby Humans. My Favourite? The Little Lamb. But Lobster is also good.
- Else's shots today, always fun. Little girl is sleeping... THANK THE LORD now can I have a nap?? No. Thanks Tim Hortons XL steeped tea :(
- going to the grocery store, and Else can sit in the cart like a big girl! (not sure why i am excited about this, many years of longing for infant carseat ease-of-travel will ensue!)
- thrush is a mofo. #4 treatment courtesy of my dr better work....
- gah.. kids clothes from Anthropologie? Why must you TEMPT ME????!!!!

Someone is rockin their jeggings!!

- of course the night I need to bake is the night the baby won't go to sleep. FML.
- loves 1 hour massages that turn into 1.5 hour ones. Sweet baby jesus.
- did I mention that Else is growing fangs? Well, Else is growing fangs. She doesn't have the top front teeth but the top side ones are coming in nicely. It's too bad Twilight doesn't involve any vampire babies, otherwise I'd fly out to Van for a movie audition. Maybe I will have to make my OWN Vampire Baby movie...
- Grocery Disaster!!! Screaming Baby: Check. Spending too much money: Check. Self serve scanner breaking down when you have 5 items left: Check. Big line of scowling people: Check. Nice Loblaws lady and a good Samaritan helping to re-scan everything and bag it: thank god for you!!!!! OMG that sucked.

 Some observations that I made while compiling this list include my misconception that all I ever change my statuses to are things about the baby. There are far more un-baby related posts by me. So that was a nice discovery!
I also swear too much. But that can't be helped :)

one week old. so little.


  1. Very well put together.. Do you have something to write all of this stuff down in for Else to have for when she is older. LIke a keepsake written in her mothers handwriting...
    Take care

  2. This is awesome Sara! Very well done. Also, don't feel bad....I swear too much too!

  3. Love it. I'll be stealing your status about breast feeding and selling beer.