Saturday, January 8, 2011

101 Cute Outfits #2 and #3

Second up is Else's cute red sweater dress. It is from Old Navy, it has that nice skating sweater look to it. Paired with brown striped leggings it is super duper adorable!

The next outfit is an example of why everyone thinks she is a boy. I think it's a pretty unisex outfit, the sweater is really cute and warm, though I guess with jeans it would be hard to pick what gender little Else is. I however don't care cause it looks like one of those vintage wool sweaters (which it isn't) and I like having some vintage clothes for my kid!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

101 Cute Outfits

So I have a REALLY fun time dressing Else. I love to shop and now it's twice as fun! I spent a good part of my Christmas money on new clothes for her.. I can't help myself! She has had a full drawer of clothes since she was born. It doesn't seem like she's had too many clothes until I look at the closet where all her stuff is that she has outgrown... oh well! She is cute! And fashionable!
I decided to do this themed post cause I want to document Else in some of her REALLY cute outfits! I'm sure I will surpass 101 outfits but whatever.. you get the idea.

the pockets are flowerpots, and the flowers are growing out of them on chevron stems!

I bought this little sweater from a lady at a craft sale. She had some OK stuff, the usual knitted baby sweaters in pastels. But I spotted this particular one and fell in love! It's a very bright red, and has flowerpot pockets and little flower "plants" growing out of them! The nice thing about the sweater is, it is big for Else now but she can wear it like a tunic over pants (jeggings!) with a onesie underneath. And she has lots of room to grow in it, so it might even last until next Christmas! Toooooo cute!!