Thursday, December 30, 2010

Facebook Status turned Blog Post

I had this great idea while writing to my dear friend Becky about how I never really update this blog, which is too bad because I had intended to keep it going to remind me of all the fun stuff Else is doing and my feelings about those things, plus some other random crap. Well, I tend to use Facebook a whole lot (some would say, too much) and that is where all my updating seems to happen.  Lucky for you and me, they came out with this app called "Status Statistics" so I thought I would go through all my Else statuses from 2010 and put them on a blog post, to keep them all organized. I thought it would be fun to read them all back to back and reminisce on the year past. Starting in:

January at the Bank, trying to look happy that someone is taking my pregnant picture.

- is excited to see the midwife tomorrow because maybe she can get a refferal for massage therapy... thanks TD health plan!
- put the crib and shelf together and the dressers all done, now the waiting begins (there will be many months of waiting)
- is going to a prenatal class tomorrow. Should be a hippy good time.
- learned how to attach a baby to her boob today. Now she will practise with the cats
- further to my previous post about icing not working, I would just like to say that eating an entire cake in 2 days is not a smart thing to do. And it's not because i'm pregnant... it's because I can.
- can't wait for 2 months cause that's when she can stop going to work and everybody'll be OK with that!

Valentines Day, a day I was feeling particularly cow-ish

- one shot in the ass down, one more to go! woooo hooooo!!! Damned negative bloodtype....
- it's hard to get off a couch when you're knocked up.
- midwife appt cancelled... stupid other people having babies... sheesh!
- will be stroller shopping today instead.
- well, there goes a puke-free pregnancy... eff. And just ONE DAY after gloating about never doing it. DOUBLE EFF.
- oh Red Lobster, why hast thou forsaken me???
- can't.... stop.... itching!
- the fun is over. Hopefully I dont REALLY have PUPPPS cause that will SUCK. Fuck. Maybe its just a temporary thing...
- diagnosis confirmed: Obstetric cholestasis. AWESOME *itch itch*

OK so I don't actually have any pictures from March but this is from the day we went into the hospital. Close enough.

- 7 more days of work... go ahead.. count em. 7. yeessssssssss Also thank god for awesome midwives.
- trip to the diaper store = one 10 week trial of cloth diaper service!
- had her bump blessed by an old catholic lady... does that mean that I have to get it baptised now? Crap.
- St Patricks day and I can't even have a damned beer.... New Years was OK but this?? This.. this is something else!
- ripped out the vanity and cabinet in the bathroom tonight.. good riddance to ugly 80's rubbish!! Now to get a new 50's vanity.. the hunt is on!! Habitat Restore here I come!
- One more week til Baby Time! Got my first delivery of cloth diapers today... they are so small.... this is starting to freak me out!!

Happy day of birth!

- you don't know how many mothers you have until you are going to be one yourself
- bought the biggest ham known to man today to cook for 5 sorry people. In other news, her ankles are swollen so much they resemble said ham. Beautiful.
- "a breast with a baby on it is one less breast that can be used to sell men beer." Amen.
- this whole "waiting" thing really SUCKS. Eff you, Monfort
- we're home now Yeay!! Welcome Else Marie Austen, born on Saturday at 8 lbs 6 oz
- is totally in love
- being the milk machine brings lots of responsibilities and not alot of sleep to go with them :)
- bought Else a pair of leopard print pants. Rock on little baby... rock on.

- happy 3 week birthiversary Else!
- Else is now a proud owner of a Cuddle wrap.. now mom has her two hands back!! Yeay! guess i have no excuse for dishes...
- happy one month birthaversary Else! Mommy will celebrate for you :)
- crap... Else is 9 lbs 14 oz... she is going to be a big girl!
- "Waking up when you got a baby, you feel like you drank a bottle of whiskey the night before, except the shit's in someone else's pants." - shit my dad says
- just bought her nipples some freedom. THANK YOU AVENT. I swore i'd never do it but hey... i can take it back.
- baby shower today! Can't wait to see everybody!

- Else weighs a nice 11lbs 7 oz at 7.5 weeks and is 24.5 inches long! She will enjoy the middle of the back row in school pictures forever.
- Else got mobbed. By twenty old biddies at the church garage sale. It was the funniest thing I've seen since yesterday.
- went to the bank today, now Else can save up for college! No OSAP for this baby!! In other news, the rose is blooming and it's beautiful.
- Else got her first shots today and REALLY DIDN'T LIKE IT. At all. Poor baby.
- happy two month birthaversary, Else! It seems like forever ago....
- Else just smiled so hard she gagged herself and threw up. Such a cute moment.

cute little baby in a cute vintage romper! Dang July was hot.

- Else was totally mesmerized by the fireworks. I think she has gone into over-stimulation mode cause i can't get her to sleep and she keeps telling me stories about how big they were. What a human thing to do: throw shit into the air and blow it up.
- Else's first concert: Moody Blues and B-52's. Rock Lobster live was amazing. Else just slept through it all.
- it is official: Else is not a Rush fan.
- I love my baby... sleeping for 9 hours! Awesssooooome. Now having a nap... sweet. She likes to sleep like her mommy!
- what movie was Else's first movie?? 3D Sharks at the IMAX of course! Too bad they don't have 3D baby glasses.... ha ha ha Thanks for the good times, Steph and Scott!
- teething = awesome

Loving the Jolly Jumper in the nice cool basement

- baby's got some thrush, isn't that exciting. Now we get some drugs to rub on nips and gums.
- Happy 4 month birthaversary (yesterday) Else! She rolled all the way over for the first time to celebrate!
- Else got sick of chewing on her fingers so now she's moved on to her toes.

New toys are always a good time. Most of her hair was gone come September

- up all night with the baby. I hate growth spurts. Else's going to try some pablum and we'll see if this waking up thing stops... hopefully....
- Else's second round of shots went way smoother, and there was way less crying for both of us.
- thinks there are teeth in her near future

crying on the floor, Else the Owl expresses her outrage with having to wear a ridiculous hat and feathery wings.

- looking for a babysitter for saturday night! sweeet. Alright, who wants it? :)
- happy 6 month birthaversary, Else. It's like you've been here for forever but you're still so little!
- Else and I had a sweet 3.5 hour nap today. I am so happy i got to have that. Also cuddling for 3 hours is lovely :)
- has made Else the cutest hat in the history of cute hats. But you will all have to wait til Halloween to see it (if you know what I am dressing her up as, please don;t tell, it's a surprise!)
- not to brag, but my kid is pretty smart! she's calling the kitties over by hitting her hand on the ground just like I do... weird.
- the first tooth has left the gum! Go toof go!
- sooooo tired.. up all night.... baby wouldn't sleep..... playtime's at 3 am now I guess. Awesome.

November marked the full-out appearance of Else's first tooth and the reappearance of her hair!

- only one wake-up last night and slept til 9... I think we're coming back to normal (after only what... 2 months!)
- back from first mommy meet up, it was fun! Else made some new boy friends.
- always thought it was hilarious when ppl dressed up their pets to look like a different animal, and now can appreciate the same on baby Humans. My Favourite? The Little Lamb. But Lobster is also good.
- Else's shots today, always fun. Little girl is sleeping... THANK THE LORD now can I have a nap?? No. Thanks Tim Hortons XL steeped tea :(
- going to the grocery store, and Else can sit in the cart like a big girl! (not sure why i am excited about this, many years of longing for infant carseat ease-of-travel will ensue!)
- thrush is a mofo. #4 treatment courtesy of my dr better work....
- gah.. kids clothes from Anthropologie? Why must you TEMPT ME????!!!!

Someone is rockin their jeggings!!

- of course the night I need to bake is the night the baby won't go to sleep. FML.
- loves 1 hour massages that turn into 1.5 hour ones. Sweet baby jesus.
- did I mention that Else is growing fangs? Well, Else is growing fangs. She doesn't have the top front teeth but the top side ones are coming in nicely. It's too bad Twilight doesn't involve any vampire babies, otherwise I'd fly out to Van for a movie audition. Maybe I will have to make my OWN Vampire Baby movie...
- Grocery Disaster!!! Screaming Baby: Check. Spending too much money: Check. Self serve scanner breaking down when you have 5 items left: Check. Big line of scowling people: Check. Nice Loblaws lady and a good Samaritan helping to re-scan everything and bag it: thank god for you!!!!! OMG that sucked.

 Some observations that I made while compiling this list include my misconception that all I ever change my statuses to are things about the baby. There are far more un-baby related posts by me. So that was a nice discovery!
I also swear too much. But that can't be helped :)

one week old. so little.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Letter to Else, aged 7 months

Else, my daughter, my little baby, you are so wonderful. I cannot believe how much you have grown in these past months. It boggles my mind, really. You've gone from being a little tiny, mewling newborn into a baby with a tooth (just one for now!), who can talk in your own way, and throw your hands in the air when you're happy, and sit on the floor, and play with toys by yourself, and eat real people food (I think you like yoghurt and applesauce and avocado the best) and laugh when something is funny, and cry when something is bothering you. I have been reading alot of other blogs lately, reading other mothers who can write more eloquently than I, about how they mourn the loss of their little babies as they grow older and turn into kids but who are so excited to see how they will turn out and what tomorrow holds. I must admit that I too feel this way, though because you are still so little, you have so many new things to discover, and the weight of all of those things pulls me down until I want to cry. I want to cry because I am excited for you to learn what the world has in store for you, to see how you will see the world, to see how you will interact with the things inside it. I want to cry because I can imagine the day when you won't let me kiss that little spot on your temple, or the bridge of your nose, because you'll be too big for that kind of thing, and not want mommy smothering you. I remember feeling that way about my own mother, and I know you will come to this point and I will have my memories of you as your younger self but it won't soothe the ache in my heart. I want to cry in anticipation of the moment when you realize that there are things out there that can hurt you, because that day will represent your innocence being lost and I want to keep each day that your have it close to me, and to you.
That being said, I had intended this blog to keep track of your growth and my reflections on it (well some other random things too) but I find myself treating this much like a diary, which I was never very good at keeping at any time in my life. So you will have to take these entries as they come, sporadic at best, and remember that the reason I didn't write more is because you've kept me so busy! You are such an active and alert child, you don't miss a thing. And it's not that you keep me running all day; it's that I watch you all day and think of these things that I want to write down but can never remember when the time comes to do so. Tonight you didn't want to go to bed so I spent the better part of an hour nursing you and singing to you, then rocking you to sleep. You finally stayed that way and gave me a few moments to write about you and I hope that when you are 5, or 10, or 24, that you won't be embarrassed that I thought it a good idea to lay bare your little life for others to read!
Speaking of sleep I am going to leave this for now and get some rest because I know you will be up a few times in the night. Teething has been a trial for me, because I do miss my sleep. A lot. But it has been worse for you... obviously.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Remembering Trent: Architecturally

I was at the National Art Gallery the other day with my friend Jen. We were walking through a corridor that was made of smooth concrete. In fact, alot of the halls were made of smooth concrete. It made me think of the architecture of Trent University, where I spent 5 years of academic life. There were definitely years where I spent more time on campus than others, as my transcript will prove, however, I always loved walking around the space and finding new and exciting nooks to appreciate. Much of the university was made of concrete, some of it smooth, some of it looking like someone threw rocks at the wall while it was drying.

In any case, I really liked this style. I think it may have introduced me to another way of thinking about space and material. For instance, take the Bata Library photo courtesy of  
  It was built between 1967 ans 1969 by Ron Thom, who pretty much designed the entire original Symons campus. I love the way the building sits on the river, literally, and the juxtaposition of the vertical and horizontal lines of window and concrete. The library has a real vinatge feel to it, something that no interior renovation can really take away. I really like this picture of students in the library. What year do you think it is from? 
It is from 1988. Cool, eh? It looks like the early years of the library to me! I found this link that looks at the chairs of the library: Who knew someone researched that. Neato.

In any case, the Bata Library was one of the first real places that made me visualize myself as living in a different decade. Sometimes that is a game I play with myself, and for some reason, as much as I love the 50's, the Mod style of the 60's really gets me. The stairs are so big and made of wood and carpet, it's like the biggest awesome staircase I've ever had the pleasure of walking up and down. I love how the stairs are short so you can run down them really fast if you want, and it is way easier to go up them. 

Anyways, I think I am through waxing poetic about the library. All that concrete made me think of it, and how I wish I could sit on the stairs beside Bata and dangle my feet in the river while watching the fishing boats go by, looking for the big musky in the canal.

PS thanks to the Bata Library archives for the pictures.

Friday, July 16, 2010

ROAD RAGE! First Post!

OK. So I know I promised to write about my ROAD RAGE, or rather, How To Drive by Sara D. I wanted to start off my first post by using this disclaimer: I am in no way a traffic or traffic law expert. What I am going to suggest may contravene existing laws governing speed and signaling. If you get a ticket, or into an accident, because you were following my advice, it is by no means my fault :)
So. Where to start?
I think we shall start with my most hated of all Road Rage instigators: driving under the limit on a 400 series highway.
There is nothing that ticks me off more than someone going 80 down the 417 at 10 in the morning when there is no traffic. Especially when I get into said lane because I have to exit the highway shortly. IF YOU CANNOT DRIVE THE SPEED LIMIT DO NOT DRIVE ON THE HIGHWAY. I know that 100 is the maximum speed, technically, by law. HOWEVER, you must also follow the flow of traffic. Traffic is usually around 100 in the "slow lane". If I have to brake and slow down by 20 km/hr you are guaranteed to get a middle finger, or a shaken fist, or at least me swearing at you in my car and while you may not be able to hear me... my anger shall travel the wavelengths over to your car and make you have a really bad day.

How many times have I been driving at the speed limit in the middle lane, when some asshole in a Dodge Caravan is driving 90 in the middle of the highway????? THAT IS WHAT THE SLOW LANE IS FOR. AND DON"T DRIVE UNDER THE SPEED LIMIT THERE  EITHER!!! I think that this problem is potentially worse than the first. WHY are you driving there??? Why??? I think it is just to piss me off.

If this were in Toronto you would be run off the road. I hate you.

Tim Hortons Ettiquette

If you are ordering more than 4 coffees, or 2 meals, GO INTO THE STORE TO DO IT. There are other people in the drive-through line, waiting to go on with their days, who can't afford to wait for 8 minutes to get their coffee while their baby screams in the back, because you are too damned lazy to get out of your car!!!!!!
URGH. This goes for all fast food restaraunts. If you have a large order, don't place it in the drive thru. Remember that you are not the only person alive in the world.
As a matter of fact, to ALL the rude people out there... you are not the only other person who is alive and has important things to do. When did common courtesy get thrown out by so many people? Seriously????

Enough rant.

PS always say "have a nice day" to the Tim Horton's drive-thru peson. They will probably appreciate it.
Or we could do it Romanian style.

Friday, July 9, 2010


I bought a festival pass this year, on account of being on mat leave and having tonnes (ha ha) of time on my hands. Because of the heatwave, we did not go to see Iron Maiden or the Gypsy Kings, but we braved the heat and humidity to see the Moody  Blues and the B-52's. The Moody Blues were a band my mom listened to like, all the time, when I was a kid. They were pretty good, especially for 70 year olds! They played all the hits, which was pretty cool, cause I had forgotten alot of the songs. It was a nice nostalgic moment for me, and everyone else in the crowd. The B-52's were another story. They were totally great, even though I didn't know half the songs they played and they were mostly slow, not the kind of B-52 song I usually like. However, they played Planet Claire which is one of my favourites, and Love Shack, which is one of my most hated songs of all time. Seeing Love Shack live made it more tolerable but not by much. The last song was Rock Lobster, which was AMAZING live!! Everyone was dancing, like idiots, and this one old dude with a big hobo beard was rocking out by himself, shaking some kind of maraca in his hand, which was really cool to watch. Else totally had a good time, though the beginning of the B-52's was a bit loud for her. I was going to buy her some ear muffs but they are really hard to come by, expensive anyways, and I'm not convinced they are a great idea for outdoor concerts. It was just too hot yesterday to put muffs on Else's head. So, we sat in chairs instead and that was way better. We could see the big screen so we could see them being weird on stage.
Tonight is Hole, and Joan Jett. These should be fun shows!!! I am going to see if I can get some earplugs for Else at least, because I think it's going to be loud!!!!!
I think everybody is surprised to see a 3 month old rocking out to the bands, but I say, why not? One man told me I was brave for bringing her, but I'm not sure why he thought that; was it because of the crowds, and noise, or because a baby might freak out at a concert? In any case, I think more people should try it! I think you'd be surprised. Of course, everyone knows their baby and what their limits are, but so far I have not found Else's limit. She is pretty easygoing and adaptable. Which is great for me cause I can take her out to do the things I want to do, like go to 12 days of music! I just hope she likes Rush and Weezer because those are the next big ones I am excited to see! Wish us luck :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Something I Love

I love the feeling of warm milky baby puke running down my cleavage. Thank you, Else, for giving me this gift nearly every time I burp you, you are the best.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Here's a lovely story

I had posted this on my Facebook page but I wanted to put it here, so it is easier to come back to. I just love the way Jesse wrote this, because I think it is so true.

Things Are Going To Be Different

The Internet Is My Mom Friend

So, I don't have any mom friends in Ottawa. I have LOTS of mom friends in Aylmer, and Peterborough, but none who I can go for a walk with, go to a matinee, or a coffee. I keep myself pretty busy but as summer comes on, I am feeling the pinch of loneliness that only a mom friend can unpinch. I am looking into taking Else to the mom and baby swimming classes, or doing some other crafty thing, but do not suggest Strollercize otherwise your life is over :) In the meantime, I have turned to the Internet. There are a lot of fun blogs to read about being a mom, lots of cute pictures to look at, stories to follow... yeah that's great, while I sit in front of the computer and nurse my forever hungry Else.
The internet is actually what keeps me in touch with my mom friends who live far far away, so that is a nice benefit. I feel at least somewhat connected to my peeps out there, cause we can still talk about the trials we are facing and the cute things our babies are doing. We can post pictures of our little ones as they grow up. But I wish I could reach out and hold that cute baby! I wish I could make friends with that mom blogger I've been following and we could go to the crappy Starbucks in the industrial park by my house! Or maybe step it up and go to one in the Glebe... oooh :) Too bad she lives in Oregon...
Anyways I was just thinking about how nice it was when I came home to see everybody. Maybe I'll have to make an extra effort to meet some sweet chick friends up here. And we'll be great forever friends, not just cause we're moms, but cause we're cool moms! And maybe we'll go to a patio and have a drink!! Take that!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Week Nine

Else is now nine weeks old. Technically, she had her 2 month birthaversary on Thursday. We went shopping to celebrate!! I am having a SERIOUSLY hard time keeping money in my wallet when it comes to the kid's clothes. I don't know how people can resist. Especially when everything is one SALE. Dang!!! I spent some good money, and while I got some nice things, did Else really need another dress/shirt?? Probably not. But it was so cute! And on sale! Damn you Baby Gap!!

Anyways, Else also got her first round of immunizations to celebrate. That was WAY LESS EXCITING let me tell you!! She cried like she's never cried before, even after being birthed. It was horrible. I cried. I couldn't help it!! The nurse was sympathetic thankfully. Also we were lucky and there was a nurse in training so they each got a leg and poked at the same time, making it a faster process. I am not looking forward to taking her back in 2 month's time. She ran a fever that day and the next, so she had some Tempra and felt better. It was a good excuse to stay in for a few days and not run errands. I am getting tired too so it was a nice break.

Greg went camping this weekend with some dudes, so Else and I were faced with the prospect of having a long weekend to ourselves. I wasn't looking forward to it. To my surprise, my sister Jehna and her BF Will decided to come up for a visit, so they got here on Saturday morning and just left. We had a very nice visit! I took them around to see some of the sites. The Fish House on Marier, the rich houses of Rockcliffe, my favourite restaurant Ahora, to name but a few. We talked about real estate and how stupidly expensive houses can be, for no apparent reason. I think Jehna and Will enjoyed being able to spend some time with Else while she is still a little baby. I am sure they won't mind if I ship her to Calgary for summer visits when she's older, either! ha ha ha

In other news, I have eaten about 6 slices of bread slathered with Nutella this afternoon. I feel like I might puke. But I also feel like I want another one. Weight loss be damned. Me want chocolate!!! Maybe I should go write some thank you cards instead.....


Tuesday, June 8, 2010


This is my first ever blog post. I thought about starting this up a while ago, but just never got around to it. Then I went and had a baby, and I got to reading other people's blogs as they followed the growth of their little ones. I thought, what a good way to keep a journal that I can look back on, years from now, and remember the things I had forgotten? Those little things... when Else started cooing, when she pulled the cat's tail and got a good scratch, maybe her first playdate? So, seeing as she is now 2 months old and has started doing stuff, what better time??

So, as you may or may not remember, I had ICP, or Obstetric Cholestasis, while I was pregnant. I started itching when I was 33 weeks. I got some good drugs that took the itch away after a week, however I had to get induced at 38 weeks. I was VERY UPSET at the prospect of loosing the natural childbirth I had envisioned. People kept saying, "but you'll have a healthy baby and that's what matters". People who are actually faced with this quandary will agree, that that statement is of little consolation. It's like, "it's going to rain on your wedding day, and the food is going to suck, but you'll be married and that's the important thing!". See... no consolation.

I was terribly lucky to be supported by my midwife Stephanie Arsenault, and the entire staff of the Ottawa Midwifery Collective. I cannot say enough good things about them. Sometimes there were frustrations, as other ladies had to give birth (geeze.. the nerve) so I'd end up seeing someone else, but that is how I met Denise who is great! Now, I had to go on the induction list at the Monfort Hospital here in Ottawa. It took 4 days of horrible waiting for them to call me. Greg and I had our things packed so we were able to scoot out of the house, leaving the poor cats behind to wonder when we'd be home this time.

At 7:30, they put Cervadil up my ying yang, and let me go to bed. They said they would leave it in for 12 hours and then see how I was doing. They cautioned that it usually took 2 or three goes before the cervix was ready to get going. So I thought, great. Another couple days of waiting. Well, I woke up at 5:30 the next morning and thought I was having little contractions. Turns out, I was!! So, at 9:30, when the contractions were still small and irregular, the OB on call came in, Dr Aubin, and checked me out. 3cm! So she broke my water. That is when all hell broke loose as well!

My blood pressure went waaaay down, and the baby's heart rate did too. I had to get an oxygen mask, and IV, and they put the heart rate monitor right on the baby's head while she was still in the womb. THAT FELT REALLY NICE. The OB told me that if that happened again I would be getting an emergency C Section. RED FLAG!! ALARM ALARM!!! Those are bad words to use around me. I was lucky though, and I went back to normal. That is what happens any time I get a needle. I should have warned them. Oops.

4 hours later, little Else was born. I was able to do it without pain meds, and in the position that felt good to me. I am so thankful that I was able to do it that way, because I was able to move and get Else to where she needed to be so I could get her out. That was some crazy assed shit, though, let me tell you. the contractions hurt but not in a way you can imagine unless you've felt it... kind of like hot molten lead being poured on your abdomen. But that part is the shortest part of labour, so thank god it was over soon. I got to show the OB and the resident what an on-the-knees birth was like, as none of them had seen that before. She definitely didn't want me in that position, why? I do not know. It makes sense to me. But I guess they can't see that well when the mom is up like that. Whatever. She came right when the head was coming out anyways..... an earthquake couldn't have moved me. My midwife Jackie Whitehead, who I didn't meet until that day, was AWESOME. She totally helped me feel comfortable during contractions and helped me get up off my back to where I felt good. What a way to meet someone, eh?

Now little Else is growing like a weed and I can't really remember how much the contraction actually hurt, and I can envision doing it again without shaking my head and telling myself I am crazy.

The first few months have been great. Else is a very good baby, and totally complacent. I can take her out anywhere, and she is happy. We have gone to lunch lots of times, yard saled, grocery shopped, clothes shopped, even a 9 hour train trip to Aylmer and back. People said I was brave to do that, but I knew she would be OK. I am SO GLAD that she was... otherwise I would have made a train full of enemies!!!

This week Else is 8 weeks old. Someone has turned on the lights in her little head. In the last week she has started smiling, started "talking", rolled over a few times, and has gotten even better at holding up her head! She can hold it up really well when I am holding her in my arms, but when she is on her tummy she is still practicing. She is getting stronger every day. I feel sad that she is getting so big so fast, but we are only in month 2 so I guess I should get used to that!! It used to make me cry when I thought about how she was going to grow up and start going to school, or when she would be 12 and hateful, or when she would be going off to university... I think my hormones were still out of whack cause it doesn't make me cry so much anymore :)

Stay tuned for more Else updates and my thoughts on life. I am thinking of introducing you all to my hopeful radio station segment entitled, Traffic Tips with Sara Dee... or maybe it should be called Road Rage with Sara Dee. Heh.