Friday, July 16, 2010

Tim Hortons Ettiquette

If you are ordering more than 4 coffees, or 2 meals, GO INTO THE STORE TO DO IT. There are other people in the drive-through line, waiting to go on with their days, who can't afford to wait for 8 minutes to get their coffee while their baby screams in the back, because you are too damned lazy to get out of your car!!!!!!
URGH. This goes for all fast food restaraunts. If you have a large order, don't place it in the drive thru. Remember that you are not the only person alive in the world.
As a matter of fact, to ALL the rude people out there... you are not the only other person who is alive and has important things to do. When did common courtesy get thrown out by so many people? Seriously????

Enough rant.

PS always say "have a nice day" to the Tim Horton's drive-thru peson. They will probably appreciate it.
Or we could do it Romanian style.


  1. Love the photo and would kill for Timmy's at the moment...bagels, apple fritters, extra large teas and extra small french vanilla cappacinos...Yum. Stupid New Zealand.

  2. i totally lived off xlrg steeped teas and apple fritters while knocked up. Not to rub it in. I have switched to iced caps with chocolate milk, or iced coffees, due to the summer heat.