Friday, July 16, 2010

ROAD RAGE! First Post!

OK. So I know I promised to write about my ROAD RAGE, or rather, How To Drive by Sara D. I wanted to start off my first post by using this disclaimer: I am in no way a traffic or traffic law expert. What I am going to suggest may contravene existing laws governing speed and signaling. If you get a ticket, or into an accident, because you were following my advice, it is by no means my fault :)
So. Where to start?
I think we shall start with my most hated of all Road Rage instigators: driving under the limit on a 400 series highway.
There is nothing that ticks me off more than someone going 80 down the 417 at 10 in the morning when there is no traffic. Especially when I get into said lane because I have to exit the highway shortly. IF YOU CANNOT DRIVE THE SPEED LIMIT DO NOT DRIVE ON THE HIGHWAY. I know that 100 is the maximum speed, technically, by law. HOWEVER, you must also follow the flow of traffic. Traffic is usually around 100 in the "slow lane". If I have to brake and slow down by 20 km/hr you are guaranteed to get a middle finger, or a shaken fist, or at least me swearing at you in my car and while you may not be able to hear me... my anger shall travel the wavelengths over to your car and make you have a really bad day.

How many times have I been driving at the speed limit in the middle lane, when some asshole in a Dodge Caravan is driving 90 in the middle of the highway????? THAT IS WHAT THE SLOW LANE IS FOR. AND DON"T DRIVE UNDER THE SPEED LIMIT THERE  EITHER!!! I think that this problem is potentially worse than the first. WHY are you driving there??? Why??? I think it is just to piss me off.

If this were in Toronto you would be run off the road. I hate you.

Tim Hortons Ettiquette

If you are ordering more than 4 coffees, or 2 meals, GO INTO THE STORE TO DO IT. There are other people in the drive-through line, waiting to go on with their days, who can't afford to wait for 8 minutes to get their coffee while their baby screams in the back, because you are too damned lazy to get out of your car!!!!!!
URGH. This goes for all fast food restaraunts. If you have a large order, don't place it in the drive thru. Remember that you are not the only person alive in the world.
As a matter of fact, to ALL the rude people out there... you are not the only other person who is alive and has important things to do. When did common courtesy get thrown out by so many people? Seriously????

Enough rant.

PS always say "have a nice day" to the Tim Horton's drive-thru peson. They will probably appreciate it.
Or we could do it Romanian style.

Friday, July 9, 2010


I bought a festival pass this year, on account of being on mat leave and having tonnes (ha ha) of time on my hands. Because of the heatwave, we did not go to see Iron Maiden or the Gypsy Kings, but we braved the heat and humidity to see the Moody  Blues and the B-52's. The Moody Blues were a band my mom listened to like, all the time, when I was a kid. They were pretty good, especially for 70 year olds! They played all the hits, which was pretty cool, cause I had forgotten alot of the songs. It was a nice nostalgic moment for me, and everyone else in the crowd. The B-52's were another story. They were totally great, even though I didn't know half the songs they played and they were mostly slow, not the kind of B-52 song I usually like. However, they played Planet Claire which is one of my favourites, and Love Shack, which is one of my most hated songs of all time. Seeing Love Shack live made it more tolerable but not by much. The last song was Rock Lobster, which was AMAZING live!! Everyone was dancing, like idiots, and this one old dude with a big hobo beard was rocking out by himself, shaking some kind of maraca in his hand, which was really cool to watch. Else totally had a good time, though the beginning of the B-52's was a bit loud for her. I was going to buy her some ear muffs but they are really hard to come by, expensive anyways, and I'm not convinced they are a great idea for outdoor concerts. It was just too hot yesterday to put muffs on Else's head. So, we sat in chairs instead and that was way better. We could see the big screen so we could see them being weird on stage.
Tonight is Hole, and Joan Jett. These should be fun shows!!! I am going to see if I can get some earplugs for Else at least, because I think it's going to be loud!!!!!
I think everybody is surprised to see a 3 month old rocking out to the bands, but I say, why not? One man told me I was brave for bringing her, but I'm not sure why he thought that; was it because of the crowds, and noise, or because a baby might freak out at a concert? In any case, I think more people should try it! I think you'd be surprised. Of course, everyone knows their baby and what their limits are, but so far I have not found Else's limit. She is pretty easygoing and adaptable. Which is great for me cause I can take her out to do the things I want to do, like go to 12 days of music! I just hope she likes Rush and Weezer because those are the next big ones I am excited to see! Wish us luck :)