Monday, June 14, 2010

Week Nine

Else is now nine weeks old. Technically, she had her 2 month birthaversary on Thursday. We went shopping to celebrate!! I am having a SERIOUSLY hard time keeping money in my wallet when it comes to the kid's clothes. I don't know how people can resist. Especially when everything is one SALE. Dang!!! I spent some good money, and while I got some nice things, did Else really need another dress/shirt?? Probably not. But it was so cute! And on sale! Damn you Baby Gap!!

Anyways, Else also got her first round of immunizations to celebrate. That was WAY LESS EXCITING let me tell you!! She cried like she's never cried before, even after being birthed. It was horrible. I cried. I couldn't help it!! The nurse was sympathetic thankfully. Also we were lucky and there was a nurse in training so they each got a leg and poked at the same time, making it a faster process. I am not looking forward to taking her back in 2 month's time. She ran a fever that day and the next, so she had some Tempra and felt better. It was a good excuse to stay in for a few days and not run errands. I am getting tired too so it was a nice break.

Greg went camping this weekend with some dudes, so Else and I were faced with the prospect of having a long weekend to ourselves. I wasn't looking forward to it. To my surprise, my sister Jehna and her BF Will decided to come up for a visit, so they got here on Saturday morning and just left. We had a very nice visit! I took them around to see some of the sites. The Fish House on Marier, the rich houses of Rockcliffe, my favourite restaurant Ahora, to name but a few. We talked about real estate and how stupidly expensive houses can be, for no apparent reason. I think Jehna and Will enjoyed being able to spend some time with Else while she is still a little baby. I am sure they won't mind if I ship her to Calgary for summer visits when she's older, either! ha ha ha

In other news, I have eaten about 6 slices of bread slathered with Nutella this afternoon. I feel like I might puke. But I also feel like I want another one. Weight loss be damned. Me want chocolate!!! Maybe I should go write some thank you cards instead.....



  1. Damn you Sara, now I want chocolate too!

  2. I thought I was totally cool about the vaccine thing but it turned out I was just totally in denial. Thank goodness my parents, who were visiting, came with me so I could hand her off for a minute while I stopped shaking! It took me a few hours to shake the adrenaline and she only cried for a few seconds! The second set were much better and then the last time she didn't cry at all. It still upsets me but not nearly as much.