Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Internet Is My Mom Friend

So, I don't have any mom friends in Ottawa. I have LOTS of mom friends in Aylmer, and Peterborough, but none who I can go for a walk with, go to a matinee, or a coffee. I keep myself pretty busy but as summer comes on, I am feeling the pinch of loneliness that only a mom friend can unpinch. I am looking into taking Else to the mom and baby swimming classes, or doing some other crafty thing, but do not suggest Strollercize otherwise your life is over :) In the meantime, I have turned to the Internet. There are a lot of fun blogs to read about being a mom, lots of cute pictures to look at, stories to follow... yeah that's great, while I sit in front of the computer and nurse my forever hungry Else.
The internet is actually what keeps me in touch with my mom friends who live far far away, so that is a nice benefit. I feel at least somewhat connected to my peeps out there, cause we can still talk about the trials we are facing and the cute things our babies are doing. We can post pictures of our little ones as they grow up. But I wish I could reach out and hold that cute baby! I wish I could make friends with that mom blogger I've been following and we could go to the crappy Starbucks in the industrial park by my house! Or maybe step it up and go to one in the Glebe... oooh :) Too bad she lives in Oregon...
Anyways I was just thinking about how nice it was when I came home to see everybody. Maybe I'll have to make an extra effort to meet some sweet chick friends up here. And we'll be great forever friends, not just cause we're moms, but cause we're cool moms! And maybe we'll go to a patio and have a drink!! Take that!


  1. Also feeling similar- the no pregnant friends loneliness. Started going to lame-ass preg yoga in an effort to change this. It's so lame. So lame!!
    That being said, it's also like joining a secret club and everyone is nice- even if we do have to imagine colours and 'hug the baby with our pelvic floor muscles'.
    Go for swim lessons. And why not strollersize? My old friend Melanie from Canterbury goes. Go and find the redhead with a baby called Anne- tell her you know me!

  2. HA I might just go and find Anne just to freak her out! Wouldn't that be great.. The Stalk Ordered from Around the World!