Saturday, January 8, 2011

101 Cute Outfits #2 and #3

Second up is Else's cute red sweater dress. It is from Old Navy, it has that nice skating sweater look to it. Paired with brown striped leggings it is super duper adorable!

The next outfit is an example of why everyone thinks she is a boy. I think it's a pretty unisex outfit, the sweater is really cute and warm, though I guess with jeans it would be hard to pick what gender little Else is. I however don't care cause it looks like one of those vintage wool sweaters (which it isn't) and I like having some vintage clothes for my kid!


  1. The shoes are girlie! People just need to get over the gender-colour thing. Style is style. Also, I love the stripes and skating sweater.

  2. I agree, people need to get over the gender colours thing. If Else is wearing a purple ruffly top under a black sweater, with jeans, people think she is a boy. I don't get it. I refuse to outfit her in pink frills!!!
    This being said, I don't really care anymore if people call her a him. How is your son? Oh she's great :)