Monday, April 4, 2011

101 Cute Outfits #4

So, Else is almost 1 year old (like, in 6 days!) How the time has flown. I will write a post about this later; right now we have Fashion to talk about!!

I bought Else a "garter belt", something I swore I would never do. I just don't like them! To each their own though. One day I was flipping through Etsy when I found this SWEET headband and had to buy it!! It is totally adorable. The shop, cranberriesandcapers is really really cute and affordable, you should go check her out!!

Anyways, on to the pictures:
(I should warn you that I got an iPhone so am pretty enamoured with the Hipstamatic app...)
on her way out, Else shows her standing skills

i can picture her when she's 10 giving me this face, the "yeah sure mom.. whatever"

close up of headband: yellow band, turquoise flower with black and white houdstooth button, and white flower

real colour so you can actually see (and check out the polka dot shoes too!)

checking out a pic of her friend Gia
So I think this is a pretty damned cute outfit!!! I like how the sweater matches the flower, and the black and white shoes match the button. Nothing wrong with matchy-matchy as long as you know how to do it well!

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